Polished Concrete Floors are fast becoming very popular on the Sunshine Coast and offer a modern, stylish appearance in residential and commercial applications.

Concrete polishing is a cost effective and durable solution requiring minimal maintenance whilst offering the ability to complement many designs.

A polished concrete floor offers light reflective properties which brings a great ambience to a space and brightens up the atmosphere.

Specialist machinery is required to carry out and produce the polished concrete surface and can be used in most applications. They are designed to fit through most standard doorways allowing access to nearly anywhere.

The machines are used to continuously polish the concrete (usually a minimum of 6 times using progressive levels of grits) until it shines and becomes very smooth. There is no sealant required to provide the glossy look.

Typically, the process also includes the use of a hardener which penetrates the concrete surface that helps to harden and dust proof the surface.

If desired, “grouting” can be carried out which increases the “smoothness” and “shininess” giving that absolute beautiful sheen.

Honed concrete floors provide an alternative solution and are more of a “wet look” polished concrete. They typically have a sealer applied which protects the concrete and can accept non-slip additives. Because of this it makes honed concrete suitable for outdoor areas especially near swimming pools.